Iron Security Installs

Show would-be intruders that you mean business.

Burglars tend to look for the easy way in… an open window, an unlocked door. But sometimes, they’ll kick a door open or break through glass. Then they rush in, grab what they can, and quickly leave. In most cases, they’re gone by the time the police arrives.

Well, wrought iron bars in the way of the door or window sure complicates a quick “grab and run”, doesn’t it? For this reason, just the sight of our wrought iron installations is enough to send burglars looking elsewhere.

Security Doors

Standard door locks are weaker than they look. Burglars know that a solid kick or two is enough to break the lock from the door frame. But can they kick through a wrought iron door? Nope. 

Our  security doors are tailor-made to fit all around your door frame with one-way screws. We also customize the color, bar design, and decorations so that they fit your home’s style.

Want to leave the door open and enjoy the breeze while staying safe? No problem, we’ll add a screen.

Wrought iron security doors
Window security bars

Window Security Bars

Window security bars, also known as burglar bars, keep your windows safe from intruders. We make them with different colors, bar designs, and decorations so that they blend into your home’s style.

Bedroom window bars come with a quick release-latch for an easy exit in case of an emergency.

Porch and Patio Enclosures

If you’d rather protect an area instead of just doors and windows, we’ve got patio enclosures. Just like our security doors and burglar bars, you can let us know the color, bar style, and decorations that you prefer so that they match your home.

Patio enclosure

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